The ‘DO’ list

Please “do” read this, Moms and Dads.

Do regard us more as an extension of your home than a school. Keep close contact with us and do get involved. This will contribute to your child’s happiness.

Do communicate often with us about your child, but not in front of him.

Do expect your child to walk in to school and greet his teacher even if he is shy.

Do expect him to be tired and ratty after school. A good lunch and a rest should restore him after his intense morning.

Do inform us of any changes at home (moving, new baby, etc) or changes in your child’s behavior.

Do come with questions, grievances, complaints or anxieties directly to us.

Do attend meetings, discussion groups and work parties. Your involvement is so valuable to the smooth running of our school and means so much to your child.

Do allow your child to develop in his own time. The making of his work is more important than the end product at this stage. Do help him by never drawing for him – this only leads to frustration on his part.

Do bring your child to school on time. GRADE R: 7.50 and ALL OTHER classes at 8.15am. This will give your child time to settle in.

Do close the gate behind you (for the safety of all children).

Do fetch your child at 12.30 or he/she will need to be fetched from aftercare and you will be charged accordingly.

Do expect your child to listen. Speak once and don’t nag.

Do pay your school fees on or before the 7th of each month. Being a non-profit making organization, we have no reserves to draw on to pay salaries and running costs of the school.

Do read notices – D6 communicator and all important emails.

Do mark clothing, especially garments that can be taken off, e.g. shoes, jerseys, and coats.

Do insist on your child wearing old clothes to school.

Do leave shoes at home in summer (unless going on an outing or practicing for sports day).

Do bring only a healthy snack to school. No sugary treats eg. Sweets, cooldrinks, cakes.

Do bring fruit for the fruit bowl for sharing preferably on a Monday morning.

Do bring only nature and interest table items and suitable books (marked) to school, but definitely no toys.

Do bring beans, spinach, parsley and lettuce leaves for our guinea pigs. You may even take them home for a visit! (There is a roster outside the office for you to sign up if you are keen).

Do remember spare clothes bags and check regularly for size and weather.

Do bring waste materials, e.g. boxes, paper, cardboard, coloured paper off-cuts, yoghurt cups, butter containers, etc.

Do drive and park carefully.

Do use our parking area –No parking on Schoolside Road.

Do get to know all the staff members – we all play a vital role in the development of your child.

Do enjoy your time at Constantiaberg Pre-Primary and have fun while we share your child.