As part of our school programme we have outside specialist teachers coming in to teach the various groups. These specialists help with the children’s growth and development.

They include:

Fit Kids

Through the fit kids programme which includes a variety of exercises and challenges to help with balance, laterality, crossing the midline, motor planning, muscle tone etc we hope to develop the childrens core and shoulder girdle muscles as well as teach them that exercise is fun, healthy and makes you feel great. We have found that children are spending less and less time outdoors climbing trees, playing games like leap frog and wheelbarrows and many of them have weak core muscles and shoulder girdle muscles. This results in their struggling at school to sit up right on the mat or at a desk for any length of time without tiring and losing concentration. By doing focused exercise once a week for 45 minutes we hope that fewer children will be needing OT or physiotherapy.


Liz Aspeling:

The 4-5 yr and 5-6 yr groups enjoy the expertise of a literacy and language specialist Liz Aspeling once a week for 30 minutes. Her teaching maxim is this “If I have fun teaching, the children ought to have fun learning!” Liz works alongside the class teacher providing a valuable opportunity for the class teacher to observe her learners while they interact with her. This enables them to better prepare the children for formal education in mainstream schools. She focuses on: 1. Listening skills (focus of attention & following verbal instructions) 2. Auditory perceptual training (phonemic awareness has been proven to enhance the Learner’s ability to read proficiently. 3. Receptive and expressive language skills. (Children are encouraged to think creatively, problem solve and offer explanations about the material)

Experi Buddies

This is a programme for the Grade R children. It is an educational programme that uses experiments to show young children (foundation phase) that the world of science can be fun. It encourages children to view the world from an inquisitive point of view and to inquire how things work. This is done by means of interactive projects, exciting demonstrations and basic experiments. Each lesson introduces a Scientist of the week and we do our experiments regarding what that scientist invented or discovered. After the lesson each child goes home with an Experi-bag containing an experiment, that can be done at home.


Viv Gardener, also known as Mrs G runs our music programme with all age groups. She believes that music in all its forms appeals to young children. The rhythms and beats of music give them a feeling of joy. She introduces music to the children through percussion instruments, rhythmics, dancing and singing. Through music many children have gained in self confidence as they discover their abilities to sing and their love of the stage. Exposing children to the love of making music can lead to their interest in playing an instrument as they grow up. Viv also reads bible stories to the children as part of her music lesson. 


Doo-Wop Drama

Doo-Wop Drama, owned & taught by a London-trained Speech & Drama teacher, has a child-centred ethos of great performance in life, not necessarily the stage! It builds personal confidence, clear communication, independent thinking and strong social skills.  It develops sound EQ (Emotional Quotient) which psychologists identified in the 1990s as vital to personal success & particularly vital to the tender, developing child. This program is for the 3-4 year olds.