We celebrate your child’s special day with a birthday ring in the classroom. We unfortunately cannot invite parents to join us for this special event as the time changes according to the daily happenings of that class.

Children love to share a tasty treat with their friends and teachers on their birthday. So we ask parents to send in enough cupcakes / muffins / popcorn or ice lollies for the class and its teachers. Your child will be made to feel special and will be given a crown to wear so that everyone in the school will know it is his / her birthday. (No party packs or juices please)

To remember your child for posterity we ask each birthday boy / girl to donate a (pre-selected) book to our school library. Your child’s name and date of donation will be written in the front cover of the book.This is a wonderful opportunity for parents to come and read a story to their child and their friends at school. It is such a treat for the children as well. (No obligation as the book can be read by your childs class teacher)